The Best Make-Up Lesson!

Surrey make-up artist lesson

Surrey make-up artist lesson

A few weeks ago I went for a makeup lesson with Clare Pinkney, Surrey based Professional Make-up Artist. I’ve never really been that inventive with makeup before and have always stuck to the basics (foundation, blush and mascara) so I was excited to see how it would turn out.

In advance of the lesson I sent Clare a picture of a look I wanted to create, my expectation was she’d just show me how to create that look but I learnt so much more!

The lesson
Firstly Clare will ask you questions about your skin, your usual skin regime (that’s if you have one!), your makeup routine and what products you use.

I was blown away with Clare’s knowledge of skin care, I have been blessed with relatively good skin and I soon realised I wasn’t making the most of it nor looking after it properly. Clare used a range of products on my skin, she noted down what she had used and explained what I should be doing and how regularly, and just within the space of half an hour my skin already felt amazing.

Looking at the photo of the look I wanted to create, Clare talked me through the techniques that would have been used and we discussed makeup products, application and top tips for a fab end result.

Given the heavy eye makeup in my desired look Clare started with the eyes and not the foundation like I usually would have. I paid careful attention as Clare talked me through exactly what she was doing, the colours she used and the brushes she was using. Clare created the exact rose coloured smoky eye I was looking for and she would encourage me to take over recreate the same thing on the other side. Although I thought I wouldn’t be able to match up, doing parts by myself was perfect as I knew I’d be on my own when doing it at home. Some bits were harder than others (yes Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, I’m looking at you!) any mistakes I made or if something didn’t look quite right, Clare would fix it so I still achieved the look I wanted.

Moving onto my skin, I was surprised at how much I learnt, I mean how hard is it to apply foundation right? Clare introduced new products and application tips that left me looking radiant and also meant my makeup would look incredible all day long.

At the end of the session, Clare went through the products we’d used and wrote down easy step by step instructions for how to recreate the look again. I got to take home a face chart with what we had used and full instructions for what to do when I try it myself at home.

Would I recommend the experience?
I absolutely loved the experience and would highly recommend makeup lessons with Clare. I came away feeling empowered and armed with the knowledge to look after my skin and apply my makeup with confidence – I also thoroughly enjoyed it. Since the lesson I’ve successfully attempted a number of different looks with great success, all thanks to what I learnt in my lesson.

Clare was so personable and she instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She was also extremely knowledgeable and her extensive training and expertise really shone through, it was obvious she knew exactly what she was talking about! I would highly recommend having a lesson with Clare. Whether you’re looking to do your own makeup for a special occasion, or just looking to feel more confident in applying your daily makeup, Clare will show you everything you need to know and more.

(As published on Sussex and Surrey Invitations, by Debbie Maxwell)